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Hazleton Senior High School
Class Of 1973

In Memoriam

Daniel A. Cavalier


On June 25, 2019, Daniel A. Cavalier quietly passed away at the Alden Center Hospice as his sister held his hand. Daniel did not like doctors and resisted efforts for a checkup. Once diagnosed with multiple myeloma, he was gone within seven days.

Daniel graduated from Hazleton High School, Class of 1973. His graduation ring was found among his prized possessions. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering at Lehigh University and went on at Lehigh to receive dual Masters’ Degrees in Engineering and Mathematics. While in Graduate School he taught Calculus to undergrads, which he enjoyed! Daniel was accepted into the PhD program in Mathematics at Brown University.

He envisioned his career in Academia, however, at the time he was being seriously recruited by the CIA. Ultimately he accepted their offer and moved to DC. He wrote and presented many papers, but soon wanted more. That came when he was offered a position with the Linked OPS-Intel Center, based in Stuttgard, Germany. He said little of what he did, and because of his security clearance, we didn’t ask. Daniel travelled Europe extensively, but his favorite destination was Scandinavia.

A decade abroad was enough and Dan came home to his Virginia townhouse and an early retirement. He delighted in creating beautiful landscaping around his home and true to his Cavalier carpentry roots, doing perfect home renovation projects. He loved the Nats, politics and the Game of Thrones - the books more than the TV show, of course.

Daniel was an amazing brother. After our parents died when we were younger, he always had my back. I was so blessed to have him. We each knew what the other wanted when our time came. He did not want a funeral, just cremation. I respected his wishes…ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

In loving memory,

Theresa Cavalier


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