45th Class Reunion - SURVEY

45 YEARS! WOW!  Can you believe it?  Let the headcount begin!

October 6, 2018


Edgewood by Sand Springs, Drums, PA

More details will follow. Please RSVP by May 20th. Thank you!

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1)   * Will you attend?

2)   * Will you bring a guest?

3)   "45 by 45" - Would you be willing to search for one of our "Missing Classmates" and send a handwritten card to their last known address? If "yes"- please let us know what classmate you would like to find or "No Preference"/we'll assign one. [Check the list under "Classmate Profiles > Missing Classmates" or copy & paste into a separate browser: http://www.hhs73.net/class_classmates_missing.cfm ]

Basically, you would "adopt" one "Missing Classmate" - someone on the list we've lost track of over the years. Maybe one of them was in your homeroom or a class or club, someone you dated or had a crush on or just someone you always thought was nice and wondered where they are now.

We can help you, supply search sites (like a Google Search) and provide you with their last published address on record. You would then look for them/track them down and follow up as necessary - make some phone calls, ask around "have you ever heard from/what happened to so-and-so?" even check local phonebooks for their name when you're away on business or on vacation. If you have an online newspaper subscription, do a name search there once a month. You never know!

These days, there's nothing like a handwritten personal note sent "snail mail" to get one's attention - telling them about our website (we'll provide a handout you can print & include) and inviting them to our reunion. It might make all the difference! "To the World You May Be One Person but to One Person You May Be the World"