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 If you want to register, do this:

Classmates:  Click "Classmate Profiles" if you graduated in 1973. "Search" for your name & click to create or update your profile.

If your name is not listed, send an email with your FULL NAME as it was when in school.  Send your information by clicking "Contact Us" (on the left menu bar).

Teachers/Staff:  My apology to teachers and staff as names and photos are not yet on the site.  If you can send an email with your name and when you taught or worked at HHS in the 1970’s - I'll add you immediately as a Guest.  Send your information by clicking "Contact Us" (on the left).

Guest Members:  To request a Guest Membership, click "Contact Us" at the top and give me your FULL name and state your request to be added as a Guest Member.  I'll get back to you.

Send all emails to:  Click "Contact Us" (on the left). Temporarily the emails are sent to Karen Martinkovic, but additional email addresses of other committee members will be added soon.

This website was created at www.classcreator.com website and is maintained by your classmate administrator Karen L. Martinkovic.   It is completely free for you to join.   You will never be asked to pay to make a profile or to get informaton or to be able to access other alumni or pages on this site. However, if you wish to make a donation to help fund our annual web fees,it would be most appreciated! Please send a check (or add that amount to your check for reunion tickets) noting that you like the site and send to: Jane Medvecky, 37 S. Old Turnpike Rd., Drums, PA 18222