40th Community Gallery

These are classmates' photos from our 40th Reunion taken during the "Castle" Tour and Dinner Dance on 09/21/13.

Special thanks to Dennis Gallagher and his daughter Claudine for taking pictures all day and all night long. Having "our own photographer" was a luxury, wasn't it? So, if you're like me, you may not have taken many photos, however, if you did... PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN PHOTOS HERE!!!!! [Scroll down, click on "Add/Edit Photos" and follow the instructions.]

When viewing the pictures here, click on the first one and all of the pictures will become a full-screen slide show. Enjoy!

p.s.Unfortunately, our Photobooth pictures at  http://premierphotobooths.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?AlbumID=30605085&AlbumKey=bN349B  password capriotti are missing/link no longer works. If anyone knows a contact at Premier Photobooths, please ask if the link can be fixed.

Karen L. Martinkovic
31 Photos  9/25/13
Nancy Roman
9 Photos  9/28/13
Dennis Gallagher
2 Photos  11/25/13
David J. Barna
3 Photos  3/4/14